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Saturdays: 10 AM informal Bible study time and 11:20 divine service

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School Constituency: Jan. 25
Join us for our annual school constituency meeting at the school at 6 PM on January 25.

The Blueprint Movie
For anyone who would like to see the film “The Blueprint” it will be showing at 5 PM, Sunday, January 25 at the school. It is a documentary film about Adventist education that ran on PBS recently. 

Beach Party: Jan. 31    
We are going to be hosting a beach party at the school gym this year at 6 PM on January 31. Come to the school gym for food, games, and fun together. Bring friends, neighbors, family and anyone else who will come!

Science Fair: Mar. 20
The school is planning a science fair on Friday, March 20. Students and adults may exhibit experiments and other interesting science-related activities and displays. Stay tuned for more information.




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2910 Oak Street
Brainerd, MN 56401


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Sunset Schedule
For: Brainerd, MN
5:20 PM Jan 30, 2015 (Sabbath Starts)
5:21 PM Jan 31, 2015 (Sabbath Ends)