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Submitted: Oct 25, 2015
By Miles Lowe,

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Announcements Updated: Thursday, November 5, 2015,  12:49 PM

Church Calendar
  • Welcome to our guests visiting with us today. We are glad you decided to join us, and pray the service and fellowship will be a blessing.
  • Fellowship dinner follows after the service. This is a welcome opportunity to fellowship with each other! We invite our guests to join us in the fellowship hall downstairs.
  • November 7, Potluck: Please plan to stay for potluck Sabbath. We may have participants from the CHIP class joining us for service and potluck and we want to be sure to make them feel welcome. Please also bring a little extra food with you so we have enough to feed our guests.
  • November 7, CHIP Training: This is the training we have been preparing for. The school will be providing food for our guests for Saturday night supper and Sunday lunch, as a fundraising opportunity. Volunteers are needed to help with food prep and serving/cleanup. Please let Rachel or Christal know if you can help with this. Thanks so much!
  • November 7, Volleyball: Please join us each Saturday night (unless otherwise noted) in the school gym from 6-8 p.m. for volleyball and fellowship.
  • November 7-8, CHIP Training: Mark Your Calendars! We have the opportunity to be a host site for CHIP training. People will be able to come from all over the nation to be trained and licensed for conducting CHIP programs. We need volunteers to help coordinate the program. See Rachel Gripentrog for details.
  • November 14-15, All Clerks and Treasurers: Training will be held at the Conference office (7384 Kirkwood Ct, Maple Grove) for clerks and treasurers. Lunch and supper will be provided on Saturday. On Saturday the session will begin at 10:00 a.m. and go through 8:30 p.m. On Sunday, the session will begin at 9:00 a.m. and go through 1:00 p.m. We hope you can join us.  
  • November 16, 7:00 p.m.: Church Business Meeting in the Emmerson Room at the School.
  • November 21, 6:30 p.m., Shoebox Packing Party: We are very short on ALL mainstay shoebox items. We need the following: washcloths, combs/brushes, tooth paste/brush, paper/pens/crayons, soap (Ivory is best  it floats), fun items for boys & girls up through teen years (NO stuffed animals needed, no liquid items). Most desired toy by kids in ALL countries: deflated soccer ball. A real ball they can play team kicking games with is a true treasure since they make balls from rags, plants, etc. You can even buy them in bulk online at Amazon or eBay if you want to donate several.
  • November 28, Pizza Social: Master Pizza Maker, Elijah Hanson will be making Pizzas in the church fellowship hall, so bring your own Pizza toppings and table games at 6:00 p.m. Questions? Call Rita Tasche 839-8913.
Church Announcements
  • Homeless teen shelter: A van load of food/hygiene items was delivered to the homeless teen shelter this week by the youth department. Once again we were told we came at the time it was needed most & they expressed huge gratitude (they had no food left). Items are in great need right now - many Lakes Area teens are living in their cars, couch hopping etc. They are also helping 13 homeless teen mothers with babies/toddlers right now (staying in hotels). On the go quality food items needed (ex: tuna in pouches, canned stew/soup, Costco's various pouch food packets such as Madras Lentils, etc), hygiene items (including feminine hygiene products), warm adult socks, diapers/pullups, baby wipes, rolls of quarters for laundry, etc. You can leave donations in the youth room or take them directly to the shelter housed in the Lutheran Social Services building right behind the Brainerd Cub Foods store. The Brainerd SDA Youth department will be putting together Christmas stocking gifts for the 25 teens they are helping shelter right now (along with 13 small stockings for the babies/toddlers of the teen moms). If you want to help donate items for the stockings contact Susan Amick.
  • Secret Families: If you would like to join the fun of Secret Families from November 7 through December. 19 please call Rita Tasche 839-8913 to be entered in time.
  • Job Opportunity-The Minnesota Conference Office We have an opening for an administrative assistant. Successful applicants must be mission minded, detail oriented, able to use current business software, willing to take job specific training classes, available Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and possess good communication skills, especially in the areas of writing skills and good phone etiquette. Send résumés to
  • The Book-Never Give UP: Sitting behind the couch with a shotgun pointed at the door, Patrick waited... Never Give Up is the true story of a young boy who grew up with a father who was a drug dealing mobster and an active Seventh-day Adventist. It is a story of redemption and hope. He says, 'I wrote this book, not because I am proud of my past, but because I believe that no matter what our past, God can redeem us for His glory. There is always hope!' Contact Kathy Burdorf for more details.
  • Box Tops for the school: Box Tops for the school can be left in the church mailroom. This is such an easy way to help our school. And every little bit is appreciated!
  • Friendship Dinner Potlucks Overseers:  1. Rachel Gripentrog and Family, 2. All Church (Cathy Terhark and Laurie Sorem) ,  3. Haystacks (Mary Andersen and Team) and 4. Jan Borden, 5. Arlene Boesch
  • Fruit Program Coordinator Needed: We are searching for someone who would be willing to coordinate the school fruit program. It’s an important job that brings in a significant amount of money to the school each year.  See one of the elders for details. 
  • Future Itasca fall church campouts: Itasca fall church campouts are cancelled in the future unless someone wants to take over the responsibilities of reserving and planning any future ones. We have enjoyed the bonding and the togetherness for many years, but cannot continue in this capacity any longer. Contact Rita or Sharna if you are interested.
  • Microphone Needs: We are still saving for some new microphones in the sanctuary.  If you are able to help, write “sound system" on one of the lines under Church Budget on your tithe envelope.
  • Online courses for high school students: This is a great opportunity for students attending home and public schools to experience Adventist postsecondary education, at just $100 per credit. See the bulletin board for more information.
  • Operation Christmas Child Processing Center in Minneapolis: A One Day Mission Trip to serve in December! Must be 13 to volunteer. Contact Susan Amick for further details.
  • Ride needed: Arlene Weaver in Pequot Lakes would love to have a ride to church each week. If you would be willing to help an elderly woman in this way, talk to one of the elders.
  • The Prophecy Seminar: This program continues in the Emmerson Room, starting about one-half hour after Church is over. We have been bringing our lunches and sharing dishes as well. If you would like to attend the class, you are welcome at any time. For details, ask Lois Olson or Marlene Waller.
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2015-10-26 3:07 AM

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