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Submitted: Nov 10, 2015     Updated: Nov 18, 2015
By Miles Lowe,

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Michael Lowe
2016-02-24 1:28 PM

Maplewood News 2/24/2016
Please keep our Maplewood students in prayer as they prepare for their mission trip to Ladyville, Belize to help build an Adventist school. They will be leaving March 2nd and returning March 13th. 
MWA Schedule at a Glance:
Elementary Music Festival - March 31-April 2
Parent Weekend - April 1-3
Junior Benefit - April 23
Academy Days - April 28-May 1
Graduation - May 20-22

Michael Lowe
2016-04-02 2:43 AM

This weeks calendar

March 30, 6:30 p.m.: Please join us each Wednesday evening for our small group Bible study. We’re reading and studying the Great Controversy. Child care for children 3 and older will be available in the school gym during the study.

April 2, Lifting Up Jesus: The first class will begin at approximately 1:30 over in the Em-merson Room of the school. The first lesson will be studied and discussed. Whether or not you have had a chance to obtain the first les-son, please come anyway if it is your wish to attend.

April 8-9, Finding God’s Calling Weekend: This is a weekend for all women to see what God has gifted each of us with, what that means in our own personal lives and network-ing with fellow believers as we strive to reach our communities with the freedom and grace of Christ. This year we are focusing on spiritual gifts. It will take place at Southview Christian School in Burnsville, MN. For more information or to register go to www.mnsda.com or contact Kristin at mnwmsda@gmail.com or 952-201-7417.

April 16: The “Lifting Up Jesus” class will continue in the Emmerson Room of the school. The approximate start time is 1:30 p.m.

Michael Lowe
2016-04-02 2:46 AM

This weeks announcements

The church is in need of a few more people to help with running the sound system in the church. People are needed to help both with the whole service and just for a short time at the beginning of church. If you would be able to help please contact Jim Hiner for more information.
There are plans underway to start an Adventurer Club for children in pre-k through 4th grades for next school year. If you are interested in helping or in having your kids participate please contact Dawn Meier at 530-774-4255
If you are involved in Children’s Ministry, you will want to attend a seminar on April 23, 2016, 2:30 – 5:00 PM, hosted by the Southview Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Speaker Rosa Gilham, Child Psychologist and Children’s Ministry Director, will be presenting.  For more information, RSVP Robin Trana at southview-sda@q.com no later than April 16, 2016 if planning on attending.
The Ministry Development Committee is looking for people to fill the following offices in the church:
* Personal Ministries /Religious Liberty Leader – This person would coordinate and inspire outreach activities in the church and report to the church board on those activities.
* Vacation Bible School Leader - This person would lead out in planning a Vacation Bible School
* Vacation Bible School Helpers - These people would help the Vacation Bible School Leader with planning and implementing the VBS.
* Sabbath School Superintendent - This person would coordinate adult Sabbath Schools, lead the Sabbath School counsel meetings to choose adult lesson teachers and children’s teachers as needed and serve on the church board.
* Social Committee Leader - This person would lead out in social events in the church and serve on the church board.
* Social Committee Members - These people would help the social committee leader in planning and implementing social events in the church.
If you have talents that you would be able to share by helping in one of these capacities please contact one of the members of the Ministry Development Committee. Each of these offices will perform vital functions for the church. If you feel God calling you to one of these positions please answer that call. Those who are interested will be considered by the Ministry Development Committee for those positions.   The spokesman looked at the king in astonishment and asked "How can you grant such an outrageous request?" The king replied "...He's the first man that's really made me feel like the king I am. For only I can grant such a request!" If prayer is "the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven's storehouse," then Melody Mason's new book is long overdue.  Daring to Ask for More is precisely God's strategic appeal to this generation living on the edge of eternity.  What are you praying for? Questions? Contact Kathy Burdorf or AdventistBookCenter.com.
"​Hit The Road, Jack!"​ is the play being put on by this year's Junior class at Maplewood Academy! Be prepared for an evening of chuckles while watching the misadventures of a driving school called Accidents Do Happen. The play will begin at 8:30 pm on April 23. Prices are $7 per person, $5 for college students, $20 per family, and FREE for kids ages 3 & under. There will also be an opportunity to purchase some tasty treats at our bake sale!
All students in the 7th and 8th grade and their families are invited to check out Maplewood Academy at our upcoming Maplewood Academy Days from April 28 to May 1. Students and parents will have an opportunity to spend time visiting classrooms and experiencing dorm life and campus worship experiences. This weekend is a wonderful opportunity to see Maplewood Academy and our program while interacting with our staff and students. For more information or to register by April 25, please visit our website maplewoodacademy.org or contact Stacy Stocks at sstocks@maplewoodacademy.org. 

Michael Lowe
2016-04-02 2:47 AM

This weeks celebrations

Birthday/Anniversary Celebrations
Week of April 2nd through April 8th, 2016

If any Celebration needs to be changed or added, please let the church clerk know.

Cindy Sykes  April 6th
The Cindy Sykes Family

Brandon Ramsdell April 7th
The Brandon Ramsdell Family

Michael Lowe
2016-04-02 2:48 AM

This weeks membership transfers

Membership Transfers

Today will be the first reading for the membership transfer of Irvin Olson from the Litchfield Minnesota SDA Church to the Brainerd Minnesota SDA church

Michael Lowe
2016-04-02 2:49 AM

Today's prayer Requests

Kristen Hallman's mom recently passed away. Please continue to remember her and the family in prayer.