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Church Board Plans for 2010

Mission Minnesota

Brainerd Church Plans


 Minnesota Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists

Mission Statement:

To create an environment for HEALTHY REPRODUCING CHURCHES

Vision Statement:

To create an environment for churches to become the most POSITIVE SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE in each community

Please give us the mission statement of your church.


Please give us the vision Statement of your church.

 God’s People:  Gracious, enthusiastic, growing together in Christ.

 3.         Please share your church’s five year strategy to become the most POSITIVE SPIRITUAL INFLUENCE in your community. (please add as many pages as you need for this)

            We are working on six areas where we try to fill people’s needs. 

1.                  Health needs – CHIP and Cooking Schools to help people find better health

2.                  Financial needs - Crown Financial Ministries to help people become better stewards of their finances.

3.                  Clothing needs – Dorcas Thrift store which clothes up to 400 people a week for pennies.

4.                  Spiritual needs – Become deeply spiritual people so that we can share how good God is with our neighbors and friends.

5.                  Social needs – Learn to be closer to each other and to reach out to befriend our neighbors and relatives.

6.                  Doctrinal needs – Preach and teach the clear Biblical doctrines that help people now how to navigate through life’s problems.


4.         Please share any Nurture Activities that you will have for your church family this coming year.  Include the dates for these events.


a.                   Itasca State Park Annual Campout __________  date     Sept. 9-12, 2010

b.                  North Star Camp Retreat __________________ date     May 21, 2010

c.                   Crown Financial Small Group ______________ date     Sept – Nov 2010

d.                  40 days of Prayer and Fasting ______________ date     Jan 5 – Feb 13, 2010

e.                   In home visits of Elders with ministry survey      date     Winter 2010

f.                   Statewide or Northern Minnesota Youth event   date     Spring 2010



5.         Please share the Training Events that you will do for your church members, also what time of the year you will be doing these events.  (We will advertise these events to the entire conference)


a.                   Send youth to GYC or Just Claim it _________ date     April 7 – 10

or Dec 30 – Jan 3

b.                  Crown Ministries Small Group Training ___        date     Sept – Nov 2010


6.         What will you do for Awareness Activities?  Please give us the dates for these exciting projects or programs.


  1. Dorcas Community Services Thrift Store                   date     Every Mon and Thurs
  2. Cooking Schools ______________________            date     January and February
  3. County Fair Booth _______________________       date     August 2010_
  4. CHIP ________                                                          date     March 15, 2010
  5. Citrus and Summer Fruit Sales                                   date     Every month



7.         What type of Reaping Events will you do?  When and where will these events take place?


a.                   Weekend Evangelistic Series followed by Small Group Doctrinal Study

date     September 17, 2010



8.         Pastor’s signature        ___________________________________________


            Head Elder’s signature___________________________________________


            Treasurer’s signature   ___________________________________________



9.         Minutes from the board must be attached with the dates of the board actions concerning your plans for the church.



10.       Please complete the evangelism request forms for funds from the conference they are included in your packet.  These must be in by October 31.


11.       How will you measure your annual success in reaching this goal?

            At our fall spiritual retreat in October 20, 2009 we will have another brainstorming session with a review of what was accomplished  this year.



Again I want to thank each of you and your church’s for your cooperation in turning in your plans!