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40 Days of Prayer

 Forty days of Prayer and Devotions

If we are going to become like Jesus we must spend more time in His presence, beholding His goodness and His grace.  That is what the 40 days of prayer are all about.  You alone reading your book and answering the questions each day.  You alone making a list of 5 people or more that you will pray for each day. And you and your partner praying together once a day.  

Preparation suggestions before the 40 days begins:

·         Choose as your prayer partner someone you trust with whom you can share your heart.  That might be your spouse, it might be some other family member, another church member or a Christian friend.

·         Choose 5 people for whom you will pray daily.

·         Order a “40 Days” book.

·         Get a copy of the Church prayer calendar or just use the one which is available in the right hand column of this page.

Some daily suggestions during the 40 days:

1.       Each day read the devotional in the book and answer the questions.

2.       Contact your prayer partner and pray with them and for them.

3.       Pray for your 5 people..

4.       Pray for the 4 people listed for that day on the church prayer list on the right.

5.       Read the daily text from the pages on the right.  (Optional:  Memorize daily text.)

6.       Consider cutting back on one meal or on entertainment for these 40 days.

7.       Write down any answers to prayer that you receive.