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New Weekly Church Bulletin Announcements for September 8, 2018


Pastor Roger Hagen Appreciation Update: 6/6/2019

Central Minnesota District Churches members: What took us three days to pack up, with the help of the church members, we were able to unload in a couple of hours. We are deeply grateful for a supportive church family as we get settled into our new home. We look forward to getting to know each one of you as we become a part of the church family here in this district.

Have a blessed day,

Pastor Roger and Shannon

Please share this in your district church bulletins and other communications methods for our new pastor.


Brainerd's New Brainerd Church pastor has been selected

On Sabbath June 1, the central Minnesota district churches will be introduced to our new pastor, which includes the Brainerd, Wadena, Aitkin and Staples churches. Sabbath June 1, 2019 will be the new pastor and his wife's first Sabbath with the Brainerd church and the conference Human Resou plans to introduce "Pastor Roger Hagen" and his wifeShannon to the congregation. Following the worship hour services there will be an all-church fellowship meal which will give everyone a chance to personally welcome our new family.


Our new Pastor, Roger Hagen, and his wife, Shannon, will be here Sabbath and he will have the sermon.  We think it would be appropriate to have an all church potluck welcoming him and his family to our church.   Please bring your favorite dish to the potluck and take time to visit on Sabbath.  The Sabbath afternoon Bible study group will be joining us for lunch.  We have the best cooks in the country!


If anyone can help unload Pastor Hagen’s truck on Sunday, June 2, please contact Todd Wicklund for directions and to give him a head’s up.  Thanks.