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New Pastor Welcome

Worship Hour Welcome Message

Pastor Roger Hagen Biography

Roger grew up in Brazil and moved with his parents, brother and sister to Kansas when he was
thirteen to continue his education in the Adventist School system. After finishing academy in
Kansas he went to Union College to study theology. This decision was made based on
observations of God’s creation and hearing the love story in the Bible about God’s love for us.

During college he worked as a literature evangelist to share God’s love and assist with tuition at
Union. Coincidently, it was during a summer of literature evangelism that he met his wonderful
wife, Shannon, of now 25 years. They have two sons that are on the tail end of college. One
graduates next year and the other the year after.

Roger and Shannon have served in the Alaska Conference of SDA and the Rocky Mountain
Conference of SDA,

Roger has been serving as a Chaplain in Texas and then Florida since 2007. A lot of hard
questions get asked by families in those settings, which has prepared him more in ministering
to the hurt and distressed.

Roger and Shannon believe that Jesus’ second coming is soon. Their desire is to be in God’s
will to serve others and prepare God’s people for that day.


Brainerd's New Brainerd Church pastor has been selected

On Sabbath June 1, the central Minnesota district churches will be introduced to our new pastor, which includes the Brainerd, Wadena, Aitkin and Staples churches. Sabbath June 1, 2019 will be the new pastor and his wife's first Sabbath with the Brainerd church and the conference Human Resources department plans to introduce "Pastor Roger Hagen" and his wife Shannon to the congregations. Following the worship hour services there will be an all-church fellowship meal which will give everyone a chance to personally welcome our new family.


Our new Pastor, Roger Hagen, and his wife, Shannon, will be here Sabbath and he will have the sermon.  We think it would be appropriate to have an all church potluck welcoming him and his family to our church.   Please bring your favorite dish to the potluck and take time to visit on Sabbath.  The Sabbath afternoon Bible study group will be joining us for lunch.  We have the best cooks in the country!


If anyone can help unload Pastor Hagen’s truck on Sunday, June 2, please contact Todd Wicklund for directions and to give him a head’s up.  Thanks.


Pastor Hagen's official email address will be active on June 1, 2019: