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Current Sabbath Worship Hour Speaker/Program (HTML) will be posted below by 10 PM Sunday night if the video has been made available for editing.

WH Program (05/11/2019): "What is Love?" By Savannah Carlson
Scripture and Direct viewing LINK

*Higher quality video was NOT Available, low quality used

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                   Next Worship Hour Schedule

The Church at Worship for 05/04.2019

11:20 am - 12:30 pm



Welcome & Call to Worship

Don Peterson

Offering — Church Budget


Lamb’s Offering & Children’s Story

Char Kronstedt


Praise Time & Prayer

Christal — Praise Team


Special Music



Scripture & Sermon

Gene Johnson

How to Live a Meaningful Life

Scripture: Psalm 4


Closing Song* & Benediction

Hymn #466: Wonderful Peace