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Sabbath School Classes

All' Sabbath School classes begin at 10 AM in the designated rooms. Please feel free to ask the greeters for directions.




  • Cradle Roll and Kindergarten Class Ages 0-5 years old. This class is held on the lower level. Mothers of children under the age of four please remain to assist your child during the class.
  • Primary & Junior Class Ages 6-10 years old. This class is held on the upper level.
  • Youth Ages 11-16 years old. This class is held in the lower level of the church.

Young Adult CLASSES

  • Young Adult Classes ages 1- through 26 does not currently have a specific class site at this time.

Adult Classes

  • This class is for adults ages 18 and above in the church sanctuary


ALL Brainerd Church Children Lessons

  • Ask a Sabbath School teacher for lesson study material used in the Brainerd Children's Sabbath school classes


3ABN Sabbath School Lesson Panel

Lesson 12 - Q4 - 2020: December 05, 2020 - "Experiencing and Living the Character of God"

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Hope TV Sabbath School Panel

Discontinued due to late publishing each week.